Azuki launches Elementals: a new 20,000 NFT collection on Ethereum

Azuki launches a new Elementals collection of its own, consisting of 20,000 NFTs on Ethereum, the sale of which will begin today. 

Azuki and the new 20,000 NFT collection on Ethereum: Elementals

Azuki, the NFT project that has quickly become one of the most popular on the PFP (profile images) scene, has launched its new collection: Elementals

It consists of as many as 20,000 Ethereum-based NFTs scheduled to be sold today via Dutch auction, with a starting price of 2 ETH per NFT, the equivalent of more than $3,750 each. 

The idea of Chiru Labs, the Web3 startup behind Azuki, is precisely to expand the original anime-themed project with additional profile pictures (PFPs) through Elementals. 

To that end, owners of the previous 10,000 NFT Azuki collection have already received one of the Elementals, leaving half of the supply for public sale.

Azuki and the new 20,000 NFT collection on Ethereum: the art has not yet been revealed

What is special about this NFT sale is that for those who received the Elementals via airdrop, the art has not yet been revealed. Not only that, what we know is that the NFT Elementals will consist of randomized attributes of varying rarity

The collection will contain four levels of Elementals that will be randomly distributed during both the pre-sale and public sale.

In addition to that, from what the tweet suggests, the same owners of Azuki NFTs (the previous collection), will have a preferential presale for ten minutes to participate in the Dutch auction of Elementals. 

Owners of Beanz NFTs, a collection derived from Azuki, will also have an additional 10 minutes later to grab Elementals NFT.

And finally, the public sale will be on at 9:20 AM (PST). The Dutch auction will see the initial price drop every 5 minutes, until stocks run out. 

Blockchain ranking in the Non-Fungible Token sector

Recently, it was analyzed how among the blockchains that facilitate NFT transactions, Ethereum continues to be the leader, accounting for a substantial portion of the sales volume. 

Just like Azuki, the majority of popular NFT collections continue to use the smart contract blockchain par excellence. 

So much so that in the past week, ETH-based NFT sales increased by 18.11% in seven days, while Bitcoin (BTC)-based NFT sales also saw an increase but only by 10.84%

Besides Ethereum and Bitcoin, Solana, BNB Chain and Mythos blockchains also seem to be gaining ground, remaining in the top five blockchains for weekly NFT sales.