Horizon Blockchain Games and Polygon Labs: a revolution in Web3 infrastructure and the crypto world

Horizon Blockchain Games, a leading Web3 infrastructure and crypto games company, is about to join forces with Polygon Labs, the growth and business team behind Polygon protocols, in a revolutionary collaboration.

Backed by industry giants such as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive, Horizon and Polygon are poised to revolutionize Web3 infrastructure and create a new standard for the industry.

Web3: the central elements of the crypto collaboration between Polygon and Horizon Games

Central to this collaboration is the adoption of Horizon Games‘ state-of-the-art portfolio and infrastructure stack as the reference solution for Polygon’s flagship products. 

These include Polygon POS, Polygon Supernets, and Polygon zkEVM, all of which will be integrated with Horizon’s Sequence product. 

Sequence is an all-in-one modular stack for Web3 developers and a smart portfolio that has already established itself as a trusted partner for Polygon Labs.

Horizon Games and Polygon Labs have already demonstrated their ability to successfully collaborate on several projects, including Tower Conquest, Cool Cats, BoomLand, Magic Eden, and SuperGaming’s Sunflower Land. 

These projects have collectively attracted more than 150,000 monthly players, a testament to the quality and appeal of Horizon’s infrastructure solutions.

The alliance between Horizon and Polygon is driven by a shared commitment to advance the Web3 ecosystem through collaboration. 

As part of this initiative, the collaboration will award a pool of credits to incentivize projects that build on Polygon Supernets and zkEVM with Sequence Wallet integration.

This initiative demonstrates the partners’ commitment to promoting and supporting innovative projects that leverage the power of Web3 infrastructure.

The integration of Horizon’s Sequence portfolio and infrastructure stack with Polygon’s flagship products will bring a number of benefits to both developers and users. 

Developers will benefit from a comprehensive and easy-to-use toolset that will simplify the creation and deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Polygon network. 

The Sequence portfolio, with its smart contract capabilities and robust security measures, will offer users a seamless experience, enabling them to manage their digital assets and interact with a wide range of dApps with ease.

Collaboration will finally enable Polygon’s zkEVM mainnet to be leveraged

The collaboration will enable developers to leverage Polygon’s Supernet and zkEVM, improving the scalability and interoperability of their applications. 

By combining Polygon’s high-performance infrastructure with Horizon’s cutting-edge technology, developers will be able to create dApps that can handle large volumes of transactions with minimal latency. 

This scalability will pave the way for more complex and immersive gaming experiences, as well as a wider range of Web3 applications in various industries.

The credit pool created by the collaboration will serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth within the Web3 ecosystem. 

Projects that integrate Sequence Wallet into their applications on Polygon Supernets and zkEVM will have access to funding and support, encouraging them to push the boundaries of what is possible with Web3 technology. 

This initiative will foster a vibrant community of developers and entrepreneurs, driving the evolution of Web3 infrastructure and expanding its reach to new horizons.

The partnership between Horizon Games and Polygon Labs represents a significant milestone in the development of the Web3 infrastructure. 

By combining their expertise and resources, the two companies aim to create a seamless, scalable ecosystem that empowers developers and provides users with a secure and engaging Web3 experience. 

With the support of industry leaders such as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive, Horizon and Polygon are poised to reshape the future of Web3 and accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies across industries.

The benefits of the collaboration

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the improved user experience that will be delivered through the Sequence portfolio. 

With its seamless integration with Polygon’s infrastructure, users will be able to securely manage their digital assets and interact with a wide range of dApps with ease. 

This simplified experience will play a crucial role in driving user adoption and encouraging mainstream acceptance of Web3 technologies.

In addition, the scalability and interoperability offered by Polygon’s Supernet and zkEVM will open up new possibilities for developers.

By leveraging these technologies, developers can create high-performance applications that can handle large volumes of transactions without compromising speed or security. 

This scalability is especially important for gaming applications, where real-time interactions and smooth gameplay are critical. 

The collaboration between Horizon and Polygon will enable developers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of Web3 games and create immersive experiences that rival traditional gaming platforms.

The credit pool initiative, designed to incentivize projects that build on Polygon Supernets and zkEVM with Sequence Wallet integration, will fuel innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. 

By providing funding and support for these projects, Horizon and Polygon are empowering developers to bring their visionary ideas to life. 

This initiative will not only attract top talent to the Web3 space, but also foster an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, further accelerating the growth and progress of the ecosystem.

In addition, the collaboration between Horizon and Polygon is a testament to the growing recognition and support that Web3 technologies are receiving from established industry players. 

The fact that Horizon is supported by industry giants such as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive speaks volumes about the potential and value of Web3 infrastructure. 

This partnership will undoubtedly attract the attention of other major players in the gaming and technology industry, further fueling the adoption and development of Web3 technologies.

In addition to the gaming industry, the collaboration between Horizon and Polygon has implications for several industries. 

The secure and transparent nature of Web3 infrastructure paves the way for applications in finance, supply chain management, decentralized identity, and more. 

As more developers harness the power of Polygon’s infrastructure and Horizon’s tools, we can expect to see innovative solutions emerge that disrupt traditional industries and revolutionize the way we interact with digital systems.