OpenSea NFT marketplace: users report several phishing campaigns

The famous NFT marketplace, OpenSea, appears to be the target of several email phishing campaigns reported by users. 

At the same time, the platform warns that it is not a hacker attack.

NFT marketplace OpenSea and the reporting of email phishing campaigns

On X, users are going wild in reporting the various email phishing campaigns targeting the famous NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Specifically, ScamSniffer’s X account has reported to its 11 thousand followers, phishing campaigns targeting both developers and customers of OpenSea.

Basically, some NFT marketplace users said they were targeted, receiving emails from the “fake OpenSea,” containing malicious links

Not only that, there are those who also reported that the email phishing attempt was received on an email strictly dedicated to their OpenSea API (Application Programming Interface) key. 

NFT platform OpenSea responds by stating that this is not a hacking attack

As the crypto community reveals itself on X and also on other social media such as Reddit, OpenSea has also taken action on the phishing campaign in question

Basically, as early as two days ago, OpenSea wanted to reassure its users that it was not the target of any hacking attack. 

Not only that, the popular NFT marketplace urged users not to click on any links they do not trust. 

Recently, OpenSea has been in the news for its organizational transformation that has seen the marketplace lay off an unspecified number of employees. The news reportedly sparked discussions within the crypto community, not only about the marketplace’s strategy but also about the current state of NFTs

Crypto sector and phishing attacks

This one from OpenSea, is yet another phishing campaign from the crypto sector, featuring NFT thieves. 

In fact, only in September, the X account of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, was compromised and used by hackers to promote a fake NFT commemorative coin. By providing the link to the phishing website, the attack succeeded in scamming victims by obtaining about $700,000 in crypto and NFT. 

Not only that, in June 2023, however, the Roblox metaverse was targeted by crypto phishing guys using NFT drains, stealing millions of dollars. 

In addition to the NFT sector, phishing campaigns also target crypto-wallets and crypto-wallet hardware. 

In March, Trezor alerted its users to crypto fraud set up through a phishing attack. Basically, attackers were able to trick investors into entering their recovery seed phrase into a fake Trezor site.